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Pressure pump


  1. Economical AC power operated 100% Oil-Free compressor designed for compact&lightweight therapy products.

  2. The oilless air compressor is 100% copper coil guarantee the engine resist high  temperature and steadily.

  3. Used in dental,medical,oxygen generator,spa,aquarium,printing equipment,beauty equipment,atuomatic equipment and so on.

  4. CE certificated,one year warranty provided.

  5. Affordable compressor configurations for OEMs


  1.GLE80A and GLE210A,for the 1L ,3L oxygen concentrator and beauty industry.

  2.GLE280A,for the medical 5L oxygen concentrator and oxygen chamber pump.

  3.GLE550A-1 and GLE600A,for the medical 10L oxygen concentrator and oxygen boost compressor.

  4.GLE750A-1,for the dental and hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Our warranty covers:

* Maintenance and repairing service.

* Quick answer in 24 hours via

* Return and replacement when critical parts broken.

* Training online or video for using the devices.

* On site installation and maintenance with paid support.